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Credit expert

Credit expert

Understand and improve my business credit report:

Have you been turned down for credit? Are you concerned about how your business looks to potential suppliers and lenders? The difference between getting a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ could be as simple as managing your credit rating.

Experian offer two easy options to help you:

Own Company Report

Credit Review Service

£99.95 + VAT

£249.99 + VAT

£149.99 + VAT if you use CreditPal


Features include:

  • A detailed business credit report for your limited company including credit score
  • A consultation with an Experian credit expert to help you understand each element and its impact (valid for 30 days)
  • Easy to follow guides to help you understand the data held in the report
  • Includes the same Credit Account Information Sharing (CAIS) data used by lenders
  • Consumer credit data and how this impacts your company credit score
  • History for how your company pays its bills and how Experian reports this


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Features include:

  • Bespoke review service, which takes information into account that is not publicly available. The provided information remains out of the public eye but we will use this to clarify the credit score of your company.
  • Review of signed management/draft or later statutory accounts which you can automatically upload using our CreditPal service. If you choose to use CreditPal the Credit Review Service is reduced to £149.99. Terms and conditions apply.
  • Modification of information in your report when backed up with evidence
  • Review of relevant business narratives, E.g. supporting information such as won contracts and dividends
  • Review of business plans
  • Contacting three trade referees supplied by you.
  • Analysis of previous search information, working with you to realise the impact of credit searches upon your report and adjust the scoring should there be a clear business reason behind them taking place

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