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How Experian is helping the UK economy through the Coronavirus pandemic

The COVID-19 outbreak has changed the way we all lead our lives. As we deal with new ways of remote working, juggle family commitments, and quite naturally, worry about the health and wellbeing of our families and loved ones, these are unprecedented times for all of us.

In these moments of crisis, the public will look to large organisations like ours, to do the right thing. Experian has an important role to play in helping everyone through these uncertain times. We recognise the significance of the role we play in the UK economy and we are committed to ensuring that our data services are being used to help, protecting vulnerable people, businesses and communities.

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How can Experian help you manage credit risk in a turbulent economy?

The way we prepare to weather the impact in the short term will be key to making sure its long-term effects are contained as much as possible.

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Commercial resilience and business continuity in an uncertain world

In these times of economic uncertainty, commercial resilience and the ability to maintain business continuity remains the best defence.

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Managing increased risk in your commercial lending portfolio

UK businesses have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. This translates to a significant increase in risk for lenders.

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How the economy has changed and how it continues to change

Our Chief Economist, Mohammed Chaudhri provides us with context around how the economy has, and is, changing. 

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Whether you lend to consumers or businesses, we've got it covered for you…

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How to manage consumer credit risk in a turbulent economy

We explore some of the key trends to help you navigate what strategies should be prioritised, or amended in order to better protect your business, and consumers.

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How to ease pressure on collections processes during an economic crisis

How to deal with escalating volumes, changing FCA guidelines and high customer expectations –  while experiencing the worst frontline staff shortages most have ever seen.

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Unlocking affordability: A pivotal tool on the road to pandemic recovery

Providing responsible lending without unreasonable risk means taking a new view of consumer affordability, right across the lifecycle.

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Managing changing risk profiles across your portfolio

The unprecedented volatility translates to a significant increase in risk for lenders – in terms of managing both existing portfolios and new credit applications.

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Explore the strategies needed to ease pressure on collections

In this paper we explore the strategies needed to prepare for, and mitigate, the impact of rising defaults on collections processes. 

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The economic impact of Covid-19 on commercial lending portfolios

As we return to normality and businesses begin to reopen, there remains the added challenge of consumer confidence in visiting stores, and spending.

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Polarisation in commercial credit applications

No two lending portfolios will be impacted in the same way. Every business responds differently – some may have more cash reserves, while others may be far more adaptable.

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Commercial Lending: Risk policies for the ‘New Normal’

From the point the UK was locked down, it was clear more than half of businesses only held enough cash reserves for a month.

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Listen to our podcast series providing practical steps businesses can take to protect themselves.

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Coronavirus business interruption loan scheme

We provide clear advice, calling out the help available, and the practical steps businesses can take to protect themselves and put their business in a stronger position.

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Emergency payment freeze

Jonathan Westley, Chief Data Officer for Experian UK&I and EMEA, joins Ade O’Connor to discuss the emergency payment freeze agreed by Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.

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Payment performance and finance for SMEs

This podcast discusses the practical steps organisations can take to ensure they get paid on time, as well as discussing other challenges around funding.

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Recent trends in data breaches

Discussion around the recent trends in data breaches and what practical steps companies can take to protect themselves.

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Consumer guide for help and support

If you’re worried about your finances, we want to help give you the guidance you need.

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Latest UK&I press releases

You can find here our latest updates and advice for our clients and for consumers. 

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Using data to tackle Coronavirus

In this notice, we’ll explain how your data might be used to tackle Coronavirus and your data rights.

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Delphi for Customer Management

Access to our extensive data helps you to understand your customer’s financial status.

Affordability and Affordability IQ

Our data can help you make confident decisions to assess affordability quickly and easily.

Experian Commercial Acumen

Access more small business data, to help you get a more comprehensive view of every customer.

Ascend: Analytics on Demand

Helping you with better decisions, powerful insight and faster decision making.

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