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Insight from our business areas

Experian offers you a wide range of products and services.

Find out more about the expertise and insight we offer from our business areas across Experian:

Experian Automotive

Experian Automotive provides powerful data insight to organisations within the automotive industry, including manufacturers, motor retailers, motor finance companies and insurance providers.

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Experian Background Checking

Experian Background Checking offers a combination of unique services for clients both in the UK and internationally, providing the confidence that candidates are who they say they are and are qualified to do the job.

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Business Information

Business Information provides information about businesses and the people who run them. We help our clients to better understand their customers and make more informed decisions around business development and risk management.

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Experian Catalist

Experian Catalist is a leading global source of information and analysis on petrol and retail forecourts. Our detailed knowledge and understanding of the retail petroleum industry helps organisations to improve their business results today whilst also investing in the future.

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Experian CheetahMail

Experian CheetahMail is the trusted service provider of online marketing solutions for top enterprises worldwide. Offering industry-leading email marketing and customer intelligence solutions, as well as providing a broad range of client services, Experian CheetahMail enables clients to build data-driven, relevant relationships with their customers.

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Experian CreditExpert

CreditExpert is the online credit monitoring and identity fraud protection service from Experian.  Individuals can monitor the accuracy of their credit report online, check their credit score and protect themselves against identity theft.

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Experian Consumer Information Services

Experian Consumer Information Services helps organisations to acquire new customers for credit, to predict and manage credit risk, and to reduce exposure to bad debt and fraud. We maintain comprehensive databases that hold more than 1 billion consumer credit records, and are responsible for processing two thirds of UK credit applications.

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Experian Decision Analytics

Experian Decision Analytics enables organisations with large customer bases to manage and automate huge volumes of day-to-day decisions. Our clients include international banks, utility companies and public service providers, who rely on Experian’s predictive tools and sophisticated software to control decision-making at all points of contact with customers.

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Experian FootFall

Experian FootFall helps to optimise site performance based on measured consumer behaviour. We help organisations to increase their profitability, selling efficiency and customer service, and realise their business improvement opportunities by analysing customer numbers, sales conversion rates and customer behaviour.

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Experian Hitwise

Experian Hitwise is the leading global online competitive intelligence service, helping clients protect and grow their market share through the application of internet measurement data. We measure the largest sample of internet users - 25 million worldwide, including 8 million in the UK.

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Experian Marketing Information Services

Experian’s Marketing Information Services will improve your understanding of customers and locations, increase the effectiveness of marketing communications and measure the impact of your activity. We make it easier for you to use customer intelligence to optimise decisions at every stage of the marketing life cycle to execute intelligent multi-channel marketing.

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Experian Payments

Experian Payments provide bank account validation and payment processing solutions to meet the needs of the world’s leading banks and corporate organisations. Our solutions help organisations control costs, reduce risk and improve customer service.

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Experian Data Quality

Experian Data Quality provides data management and data quality solutions through a unique combination of software, data and services to solve a variety of data challenges. We enable organisations to improve and maintain their data assets in order to work more efficiently and to make better business decisions.

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Experian pH

pH Group puts the science into B2B customer and prospect marketing, creating powerful tools for customer insight and risk prediction. We optimise your prospect and customer database, add new dimensions of data to it, and turn it into an ongoing, recurrent, dynamic lead generation machine.

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Small Business Services (SME)

Our SME team provides information, resources and services to help smaller businesses and the people who run them. We help our clients to solve day to day problems involved in running a smaller business, whilst helping them better understand their customers and make more informed decisions around business development and risk management.

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Unclaimed Assets Register

The Unclaimed Assets Register helps you recover lost or forgotten savings and investments. The Unclaimed Assets Register has a database of unclaimed life policies, pensions, unit trust holdings, and share dividends drawn from many companies.

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