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Relieving resource pressure so you can focus on more pressing priorities

Are you finding that your Analytics resources are stretched? Many organisations are facing this issue and the demand for Analytics talent in the market place is making it difficult to fill vacancies. When you add in the time it can take to recruit, upskill and deploy analytical resource in today’s cost constrained environment the need for flexibility in your Analytics resourcing model has never been greater.

What are the benefits?

  • Relieves resource pressure
  • Enables your team to focus on your most pressing priorities
  • Gives you access to a scalable pool of resources to support your modelling, validation, monitoring and scenario analysis requirements
  • Gives you access to experienced analytics experts as and when you need it
  • Reduces costs in your business by using a blend of on and off-shore resources

How does it work?

Customised to meet individual business needs, our Outsourced Analytics gives you access to all the skills and expertise that you need in one service. With a variety of resource available globally, from on-shore and regional analytics centres, to offshore support centres, our team of analytics experts can work with and advise you on:

  • Market and credit risk model development
  • Model validation
  • Portfolio monitoring
  • Scenario analysis
  • Stress testing
  • Consumer segmentation
  • Location insight

We can flex to your needs. For example, if it is a combination of offshore and onshore support that you are looking for, we can provide a package to suit your requirements. Whatever your preference, we work with you to ensure that your analytics teams are fully supported through any training and transition periods.

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