Auction and Remarketing

Ever wondered what happens to your car after your three-year lease expires? The automotive industry needs to sell or remarket fleet and lease vehicles in the most profitable way possible. This involves identifying the age and market value accurately to determine the correct method of remarketing the vehicle.

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  • Vehicle Provenance
  • AutoCheck

    Protect your business and customers with our AutoCheck product. Providing detailed records and insight into vehicle history, finance and whether it has been stolen or written off. Secure online systems record sensitive details, such as finance agreements and transferring titles and ownership, plus you can check for the existing financial data on a vehicle, so you can keep your car fleet management system up-to-date.

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  • Vehicle ID and Valuation
  • Vehicle Stock Monitor

    Handling large fleets of vehicles? Our easy-to-use car fleet management system means record keeping is simple yet accurate.

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    Vehicle Look-Up

    Need information quickly on a specific vehicle? Our Vehicle Look-Up system helps you access information on a vehicle in an easy and speedy format to help with the remarketing and auction sale processes. Search for vehicles by VRN (Vehicle Registration Number) and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to find key information on make, model, history and value.

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  • Data Quality
  • Data Cleansing

    Is your data accurate, relevant and up-to-date? Find out with our Data Cleansing product that will enable you to establish better relationships with customers and prospects.

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  • Market Analysis and Insight
  • Vehicle Statistics and Demographics

    Do you need to know where and how people are accessing automotive related products and services? Our market insight can help with locating sales showrooms and, spares and repair centres.

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  • Protecting Employees and Customers
  • Employee Screening

    With the growth of employee fraud, screening your employees as part of the recruitment can help protect both your business and your customers’ details. We can tailor this service to your business and sector needs.

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  • Credit Risk
  • Business Information

    Profitable businesses need profitable clients. Protect your business by accessing the credit history of prospects, helping to prevent the stress and costs associated with debt collection.

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