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Refused credit? A five-point plan of action

denied-creditIt can be galling when you make an unsuccessful credit application, though it’s worth remembering that being refused for credit is not, in itself, hazardous for your credit rating. While your credit report will show that you applied for a credit card (a credit-application footprint will appear on your report for one year), it will not show the outcome of that application.


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How your credit report can help you Budget

So long, old pound coins..

So long, old pound coins..

So the Budget is here at last, and what does have in store? We’ve seen announcements on taxes, childcare, fuel prices, and even the arrival of a brand new £1 coin. And Mr Osborne has suggested that “If you’re a maker, a doer or a saver: this Budget is for you.”

Most of us will be affected in some way by the changes that have been announced, but how can we do our own Budget to help us understand, protect and take steps to improve our own finances?

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Garden Cities set to make a comeback

Garden cities coming backIn 1898 Sir Ebenezer Howard published his book “Garden Cities Of Tomorrow”, which set out his (at the time outlandish) ideas that new cities should be planned, self-contained communities surrounded by what would soon become known as green belts.

And almost 100 years after the last garden city was established, plans set to be revealed in Wednesday’s budget have included the launch of a brand new one in Ebbsfleet, in Kent.

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Get credit-set for a summer of football

Brazil World Cup 2014

A summer of football, sunshine…and not much work done?

There are fewer than 100 days now until 12 June, which sees the opening match of this summer’s FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Excited? I certainly am. I’ve been to a major tournament myself, and can vouch for how amazing it feels to be part of the action.  And it’s not too late to think about travelling out to Brazil to take part in the festivities.

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Can you help me recover my credit rating after illness?

Dear James,

I recently defaulted on a number of monthly payments due to being hospitalised as an emergency. I had to have triple heart bypass surgery, which has kept me from sorting my finances over the past few months. After paying off all default payments I was relying on one of my credit cards to pay off an upcoming bill. Today I received a text advising me that my credit had been reduced on this card. Trying to reinstate the credit, I was informed that my report showed the defaults and credit couldn’t be reinstated. With defaults now addressed and considering the position I was in, can Experian update and reflect my position, as it is needed quite urgently and would be greatly appreciated right now.

Yours sincerely, Liam, Liverpool

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Save your energy and stay in credit

We all want to cut our energy bills...

We all want to cut our energy bills…

With some research suggesting that energy prices are rising up to eight times faster than average weekly earnings, many of us need all the help we can get to cut down our bills.

Get smart – Smart meters send readings directly to your supplier, which means you won’t have to keep providing estimated bills (and the possibility of unexpectedly huge bills at a later date!).

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