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Great Scott! 7 financial futures we couldn’t imagine in 1985

BTTF-image-600So, we haven’t got hoverboards, self-lacing trainers and so on – the 2015 envisaged in Back To The Future 2 did get a few things right though, such as Marty getting fired by what looks like an early version of Skype that would have seemed fanciful in 1985.

We took a look at some of the changes that have affected our spending habits since 1985, that we couldn’t have imagined back then. Continue reading

Contactless payments are on the rise


Have you made a contactless payment recently? Today? Contactless payments – a quick and simple way to pay for items of £30 and under – are changing the way we spend money.

You can touch your debit or credit card on the terminal, or your smartphone or tablet, or even your watch or a keyfob. No need for a PIN or a signature, all over in seconds.

And this method of payment is increasing rapidly, with Barclaycard research in late August finding that contactless spending had more than tripled in the past 12 months. Continue reading

I Believe In Miracles: when Nottingham ruled Europe

miracles-film-300In the late 1970s, in Experian’s home town of Nottingham, a miracle of sorts took place.

The city’s main football team, Nottingham Forest, had been treading water since its brief glory days in the 1950s and lay in 13th place in the old Second Division when, in January 1975, a big-mouth young manager, the Jose Mourinho of his day, took charge – his name was Brian Clough.

Continue reading

A Bag Don’t Come For Free

platsic-bag-fruit-300Yes, it’s now 5p for a ‘free’ bag! As you may know, from Monday 5 October that’s how much it’s likely to cost you for a single-use carrier bag at the supermarket.

It’s been in force for some time in the rest of the UK, but a change in the law in England now means that any shop that employs over 250 people full-time nationwide has to charge 5p for one of those plastic carrier bags – the ones many of us take for granted we’ll be given free.  Smaller businesses won’t be obliged to do so, but will be encouraged to start their own system for charging for bags. Continue reading

First Time Buyers: 5 tips to check your credit history

Could your credit history prevent you from getting a mortgage? Experian research has found that more than a quarter of people in the UK looking to buy their first home before 2016 –  around 1.81 million people  – have missed credit repayments, defaulted accounts and CCJs currently listed on their credit report*. And all of these could prevent them from securing a mortgage.

Managing credit accounts such as credit cards, mobile phone contracts and even some utility services can be important in order to build and maintain a good credit rating.

So if you’re looking to get on the housing ladder, how can understanding your credit history prepare you for a mortgage application?  Here are our 5 top tips.    Continue reading