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Planning a data migration in 2018?

Last year, Experian commissioned Dylan Jones and the team at Data Migration Pro to carry out a programme of research looking at the current data migration...

Blog - Feb 2018
Single Customer View: Is yours data quality focused?

Recently we published a paper on single customer view (SCV) by Bloor Research. The author, Philip Howard, explored the roles data quality and master data management play in information management...

Blog - Jul 2017
More on the Data Quality Improvement Assessment

In my last blog, I gave some background to Experian’s brand new Data Quality Maturity Assessment around why we developed it and what we hope organisations will get out of it. The assessment...

Blog - Mar 2015
Experian data literacy
The Data Quality Improvement Assessment Explained

In my previous blog, I talked about Experian’s brand new Data Quality Improvement Assessment, why we developed it and how we hope organisations will benefit from using it. The assessment...

Blog - Mar 2015
The Data Quality Maturity Curve

One of the core themes discussed at our Data Quality Summit back in October was maturity, and in particular, strategy maturity around data management and data quality practices. This discussion is...

Blog - Jan 2015
Data governance ‘increases success’ of data quality initiatives

Policy, Processes, Roles and Responsibilities A vast majority of organisations are vying for better quality data, as they understand the benefits attached to ensuring it is clean and valid. However,...

Blog - Sep 2013