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Data quality – what’s your role?

Data ownership is now an increasingly hot topic among those in charge of data quality within the business community. There is a growing awareness of the need for a centralised strategy which sits...

Blog - Jul 2015
Tackling the Data Ownership Challenge

According to the latest Experian Data Quality Global Research, almost 63% of organisations lack a coherent, centralised approach to data quality, and more than half (51%) say individual departments...

Blog - Mar 2015
Data Quality Technology is Evolving

Not too long ago, in the late noughties, I was consulting with a large, international business around one of their data-driven projects. Issues were found in the quality of the data and further...

Blog - Mar 2014
4 Common Errors of a Data Migration Data Quality

Data migrations are a fairly common occurrence in today’s businesses. They are no longer just a once in a blue moon activity, because data is migrated practically on a daily basis. We migrate...

Blog - Mar 2014
8 Hurdles of a Data Migration

Did you know that 38% of data migration projects fail? While this statistic represents a bleak picture of wasted effort leading to a drain on resource and budget, it is important to note that a data...

Blog - Dec 2013
3-2-1 Start Measuring Data Quality

I recently attended the IRM Enterprise Data and BI conference held from 4th to 6th November in London. This conference was a great opportunity to not only present but also to gather knowledge from...

Blog - Nov 2013
From “Headless Chickens” to Lean and Agile Data Quality Practitioners

More than just bean counting? Data quality practitioners run the risk of that famous adage, “running around like headless chickens”, without convincing and tangible evidence for data improvement....

Blog - Sep 2013