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Defining the data powered future
An Experian Guide to GDPR

The transparent, secure and effective use of data has transformative potential for consumers and businesses. However, there is a need for more openness about how data is collected and used for the...

Whitepaper - Jan 2018
The complete guide to B2B email marketing
B2B Email Marketing

The Complete Guide Email, done well, is an unbeatable online marketing tool. With a Return On Investment of $38 for every $1 spent, it gives you around 3x the return that social media marketing does....

Blog - Oct 2017
online presence
6 benefits to an online presence

“Nearly one-third of the world uses social networks regularly.”1 In a world where a third of us are online regularly, did you know that over half of small businesses don’t have a website?2 What...

Blog - Aug 2017
Effective email reporting
Effective Email Reporting

One of the main attractions to email marketing is the speed of which you can launch a campaign and see almost immediate results. What’s more, fast results mean you have the ability to produce...

Whitepaper - Aug 2017
Building great emails
Building Great Emails

To achieve great email results, you need great emails. This free guide covers the top technical and design factors that you should consider to maximise your email campaign’s impact.   By...

Whitepaper - Aug 2017
A guide to buying email data
A Guide to Buying Email Data

Email marketing drives powerful results and a Return On Investment (ROI) that can’t be matched by any other form of online marketing. It’s safe to say, that purchasing high quality email data is...

Whitepaper - Aug 2017
Cracking the credit conundrum
My client is refusing to pay my invoice – what…

  Unfortunately, in the world of business we all come across this situation at some point (hopefully not too often) and it’s useful to know how you can usually resolve matters sensibly before...

Blog - Jul 2017
B2B Direct Mail
B2B Direct Mail

In today’s world of sophisticated technology and ever new and exciting forms of communication, your first question might be – ‘why direct mail?’ This free white paper explores...

Whitepaper - Mar 2017
How to Improve Your Online Reputation

There has never been a time when consumers have had so much power to voice their views and make an impact on a large scale.  The ever-growing world of social media has provided numerous platforms...

Blog - Mar 2017
Case Study: David Watson Transport

David Watson Transport is a specialist transport and lifting company based in Norfolk. It has been using Experian’s services to help it set appropriate payment terms for new and existing customers...

Case Study - Dec 2016
Case Study: Cocoonfxmedia

Cocoonfxmedia is a small business based out of Lichfield, Staffordshire. The digital marketing business offers web design, web development, search engine optimisation and social media expertise....

Case Study - Dec 2016
Case Study: A1 Flue Systems

Best of British manufacturing A1 Flue Systems is a British-based commercial flue manufacturer that has been in operation for over 40 years. Employing 140 people in the Nottinghamshire area, it...

Case Study - Dec 2016