Experian helps you build a deeper understanding of your business customers.

This means you can really connect and make data informed decisions to better engage with your customers and the people running the businesses you want to work with. For an eagle-eyed view by region or sector, to a single business description, their past activity and key contacts.

How do we do this?

BusinessView, our commercial database, provides a definitive view of the UK business population. Offering detailed insight and accurate cross channel prospect data all in one place. BusinessView drives outstanding commercial marketing engagement by enriching your communications and extending the reach of campaigns. By linking your own customer data with BusinessView, you can make your data at the centre of all communication.

Poor data can impact campaigns and customer experience with inconsistent or multiple records across your business, making it harder to maintain accurate information and up-to-date communication preferences. Now you can audit your data against BusinessView with a data health check to help you meet all current regulatory standards, avoid irritating customers with duplicate or irrelevant messages, and develop a solid foundation for campaign success.

Once your data is ready, you can optimize your communications with a single customer view of each and every customer with all their data in one place; giving you a rich view of their identities, profiles and interactions while ensuring customer relationships across your business are respected.

Combined with BusinessView, you can now see your customers footprint, understand who and how to target and increase your market share. Experience predictive analytics can help tailor your engagement with customers and prospects further, helping you reduce acquisition costs, improve returns on marketing investment and target prospects most likely to convert.

Interact with customers likely to be receptive to cross selling or at risk of leaving to maximize customer lifetime value. Understand the potential value of each business customer to optimize resource channel allocation and set accurate targets and segment customers by characteristics and behaviour so they receive the best communications and customer service.