Dec 2019 | Credit Decisions | Automotive Checks

“We are thrilled to be working with Experian in both the financial and banking sectors as well as in the dealer space. Between us, I know we will be able to revolutionise dealer pricing and provenance!” Tom Wood, CEO, Cazana

In today’s competitive and volatile automotive market, you need the tools to be able to react in real time to market changes and operate in a profitable, risk assured manner, whilst ensuring positive outcomes for customers.

Luckily, our latest product partnership with Cazana provides just that. Our new vehicle valuation tool ‘Cazana Companion’ provides data-driven valuation insight into automotive decisioning processes and helps automotive retailers react in real time to market changes as they happen.

Andrew Moss, Director of Carworks Studio Ltd, can vouch for the importance of such a product:

It has been long overdue that a different, more concise, and relevant pricing tool was required to accurately value stock. Data-driven purchasing, forecasting and stock profiling are now imperative measures for Dealers to fully utilise their stock turn and achieve the required KPI’s and tangible Return on Capital Employed.”

With over 43 million vehicles on UK roads, the variables and risks associated with motoring are massive – factors such as age and mix of vehicles, plus the use of new technology, has altered the landscape. Our insight can help you put the brakes on the problem. By using a unique retail-backed methodology you can ensure you are making more accurate pricing decisions, helping you decrease time to sell and increase profitability.

As a result, Cazana Companion offers the most up-to-date vehicle valuation data that you can currently access on the market. “This solution has changed the game for the automotive industry. It provides dealerships with a clear view of the true value of a vehicle, enabling faster, more confident decisioning to take place. We are delighted to see the positive impact this is having on businesses such as Carworks Studio.” – Gerardo Montoya, Managing Director of Automotive, Experian.

If you are interested to learn more about our partnership with Cazana, and how our vehicle valuation solutions could work for you, please click here.