Mar 2017 | Credit Decisions | Decisioning

Innovating for the 24-hour consumer

Expectation now is such that customers demand access to digital services 24 hours a day, seven days a week – and because of this, service providers require solutions that operate to the same timetable.

A knock-on effect of the evolution of a customer into an always-on, multiple-device, digital persona is that organisations also have to grow to directly and indirectly meet this need.

New behaviours at the customer end require investment in – and development of – technology that helps businesses which supply customer services to make smart timely decisions and provide a quality product.

Experian has spent considerable time broadening and speeding up access to its decisioning tools.

Some of the existing solutions have even been redeveloped into multiple ‘bite-sized’ versions. Where once there may have been a piece of technology encompassing multiple decisioning tools, now there are many individual decisioning tools that can be provided as serviced software (SaaS), which can be implemented much quicker.

At Experian, we are is also looking at ways in which solutions are modified for the needs of individual customers – to ensure this process can be even quicker than it is at the moment. Mimicking the changes in the market.

Beyond that, supporting businesses that need to be able change solutions quickly and frequently to suit the fluctuating requirement of the markets in which they operate is something we focus on.

We all have a common goal; effectiveness, underpinned by a mutual objective; customer-centricity.