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With inflation at a 10-year high and 6.6 million people living on significantly less income now, than before the pandemic, confirming employment and income is more important than ever before to ensure responsible lending with no increased risk.

But gaining a true real-time view of affordability is hard and getting consumers to share this data is often a challenge and the manual review of payroll data is resource intensive.

With 1 in 2 UK adults saying they will apply for a financial or credit product within the next 2 years, organisations and lenders could see a strain on resource, increased underwriting costs and customer dropouts.

Employment Matters – Automating exchange of payroll data to improve financial inclusion

In June 2021, we engaged research consultancy YouGov to assess consumer willingness to share payroll data, as well as identifying the thinking behind their decision, and any areas of concern that could limit the adoption of this innovation.  With 9 out of 10 customers wanting to apply for credit online, our evidence shows there is a strong appetite amongst consumers to automatically share payroll data when the value exchange is clear.

What you’ll learn

  • Consumer’s appetite to share their payroll data, digitally
  • How to access payroll data in seconds to create better digital experiences for customers
  • How digital income and employment verification can help your business grow, reducing dropouts and increasing acceptance rates

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