Internet disruptors are making our lives easier and more convenient than ever

At the same time, internet brands have become to know what you want to buy almost before you do, and media streaming sites can recommend your next series and get it right (almost all of the time).

With customers able to access goods, services and content quickly and easily – anytime, anywhere – your own onboarding processes need to keep up, or you risk losing business to an array of disruptive fintechs and other agile competitors. You also need to consider disruption, such as these, even if it isn’t the core sector in which you operate. Disruption today is coming from non-traditional means changing how we shop, eat, interact and spend.

Although customers want more convenience than ever, the uncomfortable reality is that many onboarding processes still take hours, especially for the most complex and highest-value products, such as mortgages – but aren’t limited to mortgages. It is equally as lengthy for all financial and utility products; insurance and phone contract purchases. Typically, even if customers invest the time, they could still be rejected at the end of the process, and that’s a potential relationship that could be broken forever – and in a highly competitive marketplace, even more critical to address now.

Explored in this paper:

  • Four ways digital is changing tradition
  • The future is here: onboarding customers in an instant
  • Three steps to the digital onboarding future
  • Last word: The future of digital onboarding is here

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