How FinTechs can grow in a changing economic and regulatory environment

This paper explores the economic and credit markets, alongside strategies that support FinTech companies with intelligent decision making at speed, in order to build a better long-term and profitable future.

For FinTechs, assessing and managing risk, choosing the right customers, and growing sustainably present significant challenges, particularly in today’s complex and fast-changing marketplace. The pandemic has supercharged the need for accurate, granular, real-time customer insight, alongside advanced scenario testing and modelling – throughout the customer lifecycle. For businesses large and small, new and old, making decisions that are fair, compliant and customer centric is extremely complex. Assessing affordability and creditworthiness is not straightforward and, during an economic crisis, it’s difficult to identify the right opportunities for growth and to assess portfolio risk.

This complex picture is exacerbated by the fact that different customers face very different circumstances, and all portfolios are impacted in different ways. The answer lies in being able to understand and assess opportunity and risk in parallel – so you can pursue strategies that mitigate risk, while accelerating growth. In this paper, we explore the current and emerging challenges facing fintechs, and the practical implications of both pandemic and economic shocks. Most importantly, we explore how you can grow new and existing customer opportunities, while adapting to new regulations and building proactive customer-centric strategies in real-time.

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