Sep 2019 | Credit Decisions | Risk Analytics

Time is money – especially when it comes to consumer lending

Traditional onboarding processes can take a long time to check different data sources, such as the applicant’s identity and bank details, before making a decision. And human error can cost you even more in time and effort to fix. With new datasets becoming available and increased regulation to make sure lending decisions are fair, this process is becoming more and more complex.

That’s why we created PowerCurve Customer Acquisition. It uses automated decisions and workflows to shorten processing time. This allows you to blend appropriate data and rich analytics to make faster, safer lending decisions based on insight – helping to streamline operations so you can get up and running quickly or have more time to focus on growing your business.

Here’s how PowerCurve Customer Acquisition can speed up customer onboarding, by making the jump from manual to automated processes:

Faster lending decisions are right here.