As the world is moving towards a more customer-centric way of doing business it is important to understand what their view of a consumer is across all the multiple accounts they hold. Regulatory compliance is focused on treating customers fairly and appropriately which can only be achieved through understanding the multiple interactions they have with a business.


So as the World is moving more to a customer centric way of doing business the difficulty that our plans are having is understand what that view of the customer looks like. Historically we have been very obsessed with our customers’ accounts, but actually our customers have many accounts and what we need to understand is what does that view of the customer including those accounts mean for how that customer is going to behave, how they want to be treated and what that means to a company they are dealing with.

More and more we are seeing Regulation that is relying on treating a customer in a certain way. So treat a customer fairly is something we here all the time. Appropriate is another word we are hearing. So a lot of that will be driven by how the customer needs to be treated. If that customer has multiple interactions with a company they do not want to tell the company multiple times what their preferences are, for example.

So if I don’t want to be mailed, I genuinely don’t want to be mailed. So I don’t want to ring up five times and put that into five separate accounts. In the same way from our clients perspective, if I owe money or I am borrowing money across a number of different accounts I want to understand what my total exposure is, not just what I have on my credit card, not just what I have in my loan, I need to understand what the customer is in to our clients for.