The right decisions can help to protect and enable people at different stages of their lives

And today, thanks to simultaneous advances in data, analytics and technology, we have the opportunity to make more intelligent, better informed decisions than ever. Advances including artificial intelligence (AI) offer a more intelligent interpretation of data, giving you new and powerful insights that enable you to make the most appropriate decisions for every person, across every channel.

These intelligent, data-driven decisions serve to benefit customers and businesses alike. People have come to expect personalised, fast, easy access to products and services, while businesses are looking to increase efficiency, reduce risks and innovate. Automated decisioning delivers on both counts. Where once decision making might have added friction into the customer journey, now it can make the experience smooth and effortless.

Data also allows decisions to be automated across channels. A person could send a text, or chat to a smart device, and receive an instant notification to tell them whether a type of credit would be available to them and on what terms. They could see a car, take a photo of it, and get an instant insurance quote and finance plan.

The opportunities are endless and transformative. And of course, the market is still emerging. As processes become more advanced, demands and expectations will grow.

In this paper, we explore in more detail what intelligent decisions are and how they can transform organisations in a customer-first environment.

Explored in this paper:

  • The need for high-quality data
  • Understanding the impact of decisions
  • From originations to ongoing customer management
  • Managing efficiency in decisions
  • Managing business rules
  • Protecting people and meeting their expectations

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