Oct 2020 | Credit Decisions

It’s not just new keys and new beginnings

The UK’s property market jolted back into life this summer after an enforced quiet period during the COVID-19 lockdown. Mortgage applications in recent months have been significantly above the levels seen last year as people, and lenders, look to make up for lost time.

People moving home is good news. It’s not just new keys and new beginnings, activity in the property market provides a much-needed boost for all the industries associated with it.

However, lenders have a responsibility to ensure the mortgages they extend today are sound decisions for them, and affordable in the long-term for homebuyers.

This report provides a view of the macroeconomic situation today and shows a complex picture on affordability. To make sustainable decisions for each homebuyer, lenders must gather insights from a wide range of data sources.

Read our paper 'Lending with Confidence: A Data-Led Analysis of the Mortgage Market'

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