Dec 2018 | Credit Decisions | Decisioning

An organisation that wants to make customer orientated decisions needs a software platform to implement decisioning.

Having multiple data sources feeding into a system can be challenge but automation is evolving allowing organisations to understand and utilise the different data assets they have.


An organisation that wants to make decisions on customers or potential customers on anything but a small volume needs a software platform in order to implement the decisions.
Challenges include things like bringing together an increasing array of data sources so where in the past we may have made decisions on just one or two data sources around that customer now there are many more.

So, bringing all those data sources together within the decisioning platform is a challenge.
Automation and decisioning is evolving in a number of different ways, one of them is in the speed at which decisions can be managed, the speed of which decisions can be changed. That is changed and tested and implemented in a very flexible way.

Automated decisioning is consistent and for any organisation they want to be able to treat their customers in a fair and consistent way. So automated decisioning will apply a consistent set of rules to all customers.