Being able to access your payslip quickly and securely from your employer is something that many of us take for granted

But too many organisations are using outdated and inefficient payroll systems that create unnecessary problems and stress for employees and payroll teams.

Experian is on a mission to change this. We believe we can empower employers and payroll software providers to revolutionise the payday experience. To make sharing payslips a more engaging and satisfying experience.

In this report, we surveyed and spoke to everyone along the payroll chain

That includes employers and employees, payroll teams and payroll platform providers. We cover the key challenges faced by payroll today, an employers view of payroll ‘today and tomorrow’, the future of payroll, and what it may require for payroll and the payslip to enter the 21st century.

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The key challenges faced by payroll today

A quarter of respondents were unsatisfied or very unsatisfied with the efficiency of their current payroll procedure and system.

The future of payroll

The leading firms in the field are bringing together their employees, HR payroll teams, and software providers to drive the future of payroll, today. By combining automated payroll (via their software provider of their choice) with Experian's PayDashboard service, we can deliver the payday everyone wants.

An employer's view of payroll 'today and tomorrow'

We talked to a highly experienced HR expert, Jane-Emma Peerless of Caxton payments, to help understand the state of payroll in 2022.

Payroll and the payslip enter the 21st century

Payroll teams are frustrated about the inadequacies of their current systems. Employers are seeing too many employees suffering financial stress, which is exacerbated by the fact that their pay is unclear. Employees are used to Amazon-style convenience and Uber-esque digital booking experiences as consumers. The call from all parties is for a secure, automated journey.

In this white paper, we cover:

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  • Key challenges

    A summary of the main obstacles faced by payroll today

  • The state of payroll in 2022

    Featuring an interview with Jane-Emma Peerless of Caxton Payments

  • The experience of applying for mortgages and sharing payslip data

    Featuring interviews with individuals and families

  • The payroll provider view

    Featuring an interview with Claire Treadwell, Product Director at Iris

A sneak peek into...

The State of Payroll Today

Payroll provider view


Oliver Quayle, Head of People Products, The Access Group

Oliver Quayle, Head of People Products, The Access Group

The Access Group provides joined-up people solutions; from core transactional HR systems, to payroll, on-demand pay, flexible benefits, eLearning, and financial wellbeing tools to help HR leaders to build truly people-centric organisations. We’re partnering with Experian and the Work Report service to enable customers to facilitate a frictionless way for their people to apply for credit and stay in control of their data and personal finances.

In the context of the turbulent macro-economic environment, cost of living crisis and talent and skills shortages, we’re seeing organisations increasingly looking to harness developments in technology to support the financial well-being of their people.

As the UK workforce has become more flexible in the way they work, being able to access your payslip at any-time and in any-place becomes more important. This is particularly important for those organisations whose business model requires a large proportion of their workforce to be mobile or working outside conventional office hours.

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Experian’s Work Report service enables employees to access their payslip data quickly, online, and then share it with whoever they choose. This makes the process of applying for a home loan, buying a car, or renting a property less stressful and more frictionless.

Paying people right ‘first time, every time’ is the standard by which payroll teams are now held to but is no longer simply the only expectation of employees. With Millennials and Gen Z making up a significant percentage of the workforce, people have come to expect a consumer grade experience from their work tech, including solutions that facilitate pay. And, with 60% of UK employers reporting that it is more difficult to retain talent than it was a year ago, organisations have an opportunity to consider ways to support their employee engagement more holistically.

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We want to improve employees’ understanding of their pay, enable them to share their employment information quicker, and more securely with organisations of their choice – making payday a more enjoyable and efficient experience for everyone.

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