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Webinar: Creating the conditions for data migration success

Experian recently commissioned Data Migration Pro to conduct research into the experiences of data migration practitioners when delivering projects in the modern era of large data volumes, tight...

Webinar - Jan 2019
Webinar: Global Data Management Research

Launched in March 2017, this webinar delves into the results from our global data management research. Throughout the recording, we will: Explore the impact that changing consumer attitudes are...

Webinar - Jan 2019
Webinar: Enhancing data migrations and ensuring project success

In just under an hour, get practical guidance to help you deliver an effective data migration. You will also hear how Experian helped Leeds City Council support the ongoing provision of vital social...

Webinar - Jan 2019
Experian data literacy
Webinar: Data Regulation – Prepare your data for GDPR

As GDPR compliance approaches, it’s important to understand consumer attitudes towards data accuracy and the challenges businesses could face when preparing their data strategies for May 2018....

Webinar - Jan 2019
Webinar: Data Readiness for GDPR

The EU have agreed a new Data Protection Regulation known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into effect in May 2018. The GDPR will introduce new accountability obligations...

Webinar - Jan 2019
Webinar: Considerations for creating a Single Customer View

We’re joined by Philip Howard from Analyst House, Bloor, as we delve into the considerations for creating a Single Customer View (SCV) following on from their report published in June. Throughout...

Webinar - Jan 2019
Building a business case for data quality

Justifying investment in data quality Read this discussion paper to understand: How businesses commonly perceive data quality What’s wrong with your current business case How to propel and build a...

Whitepaper - Jan 2019
Webinar: Achieve speed and agility in Data Management for Financial…

Join Mike Sheridan, Director of Financial Services Data Management as he shares insights into the past, present and future of Data Management. How well organisations manage their data has become a...

Webinar - Jan 2019
Webinar: GDPR and Data Governance with Bloor Research

With the GDPR now officially in force, now is the time for businesses to cement their strategies and move from thinking to doing. In this webinar, Philip Howard, Research Director at Bloor, walks...

Webinar - Jan 2019
Webinar: Improving data quality for everyday business processes

Watch our webinar where we delve into practical guidance to help you deliver everyday business value with high-quality data. This webinar walks you through how Experian is helping Schroders plc, the...

Webinar - Jan 2019
Webinar: Ready your data for the GDPR

In this webinar, we provide practical guidance to help you ensure your organisation’s personal data can thrive under the GDPR. As a data controller, you’re accountable for taking steps to...

Webinar - Jan 2019
Webinar: Consent and Data Quality for the GDPR

Join Experian and data permissions experts from the Consentric Team at MyLife Digital to learn more about why consent, legitimate interests, and the question of lawful basis is so critical to your...

Webinar - Jan 2019