Is your data ready?

Good data quality is vital for all types of communication. Incorrect or inconsistent information can impact customer experience and the success of any campaign. If you can’t guarantee the quality of your data, you can’t guarantee the success of any activity that relies on it.

Data Quality Challenge

Data can enter your organization 24/7, through new customer records, marketing lists, research, customer interactions and transactions. It’s collected for different purposes across different divisions and systems. How do you prepare that data for analysis? And how do you do it quickly efficiently and consistently across your whole business?

The multiple record challenge

Different departments, enterprises and product offerings means you may hold multiple records for the same customer across your business, and even though the records are for the same customer they might not match. They might show different names and addresses, contain misspellings, abbreviations, or simply be formatted differently. This makes it hard to link records and form an overview of each customer’s activity, risking non-compliance with data regulations, irritating your customers with duplicate or irrelevant messages, and missed sales opportunities.

A single customer view

Understanding your customers and developing a single customer view can create opportunities for targeted marketing and improved strategic and tactical operations. Our data preparation services can ensure you’re ready for the start of any campaign or data led project.


We start by cleansing your data against Experian’s own reference data, ensuring your data is accurate, complete and in valid formats. We verify addresses, emails and phone numbers and highlight where you may have incorrect data based on the body of evidence that our data assets give us. We remove duplicates, enhance and apply fresh contact data.


We then match your records, assigning a unique identification number to each business and location in the UK. By matching each of your records to the right location and business like this, we’re able to create links between groups of businesses. These links allow you to easily identify existing customers, organise a single view of them, improve data quality across all of your databases, provide a better experience and also help to meet regulatory requirements.

Your data is ready!

Now with a complete view of all customers across your business, you can make better informed decisions and deliver a great customer experience.

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