What’s the story?

You’ve probably noticed we’ve got a new name. So, whilst we fight over the last few branded coffee mugs, pens and reminisce of the old QuickAddress days, we’ll also be celebrating our new name ‘Experian Data Quality.’

Most people will not even know what the acronym QAS actually even stands for. For those who don’t, let me shed some light – it stands for Quick Address Systems. The operative word here is address. The core of our proposition since our formation in 1990 is around how to validate a physical address quickly and the impact that has on operational efficiency – either in terms of capturing accurate customer data quickly or the knock on impact an inaccurate address can have on service provision.

In 2004 QAS was acquired by Experian opening up a whole range of possibilities around the rich breadth of consumer and business data held by the global information services company. This created an opportunity for QAS to leverage these data assets to append additional insight to a record, as and when it is captured or retrospectively, to allow clients to segment their information to suit its intended use.

Moving to 2007 Experian QAS launched the concept of Contact Data Management on the back of developing an end to end toolkit of software and services that helped clients manage their customer data over a full project lifecycle. This encompassed everything from auditing the standard of their existing data (via a growing professional services capability) through to cleaning, standardising and suppressing it retrospectively.

The next key step on the way to data quality was around making the proposition about more than just address information. Customers interact with organisations through a range of channels and providing great service to these individuals is about more than the accuracy of their address. This sparked the move into multi-channel contact validation with offerings around mobile and email addresses – both at the point of capture and retrospectively. We are continually optimising our suite of offerings and you will hear more in the coming weeks around the enhancements we have made to our email validation portfolio focusing in on the benefits of sender reputation, deliverability and customer care.

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Fast forwarding to today our data quality offerings have been enhanced further with the launch of Experian Pandora. This provides customers with a tool that helps to analyse, improve and control data regardless of domain. It has a key role to play in the profiling, monitoring and prototyping of data to help organisations see the relationships that exist within their data estate and make the unknowns known.

As you can see we have moved along way since 1990. We are driving much more client value than purely capturing addresses quickly. We help customers drive value from their most important asset – their data. That is why we are making the move to Experian Data Quality.