Our new Customer Support Hub – the best bits

At Experian I’m always looking for ways to improve our customer experience and give our clients what they need to exceed their data ambitions. Providing excellent support is hugely important and in our latest customer survey we identified that we could be doing even more to improve our customers’ technical support experience.

Self-service is now the norm – customers want more control over how they access support. Interestingly I read recently that 73% of consumers want the ability to solve product/service issues on their own and one third say they’d “rather clean a toilet” than speak with customer service1 (although I don’t think these people have spoken to our wonderful Support Services team!). As someone who likes to solve problems myself I can empathise. I like it when companies have the facility for me to easily ask for help or search for the answer.

Introducing the Customer Support Hub

With this in mind I was delighted to be part of the recent launch of our brand new Customer Support Hub. It’s the product of some really in-depth analysis around exactly how our customers want to interact with us and access support for our tools.

All customers can now manage their entire technical support experience with us all from a single online location with unlimited access. It opens up more options for getting support, and makes it quicker to solve any technical issues.

So what do I like best about the Hub? Here are my highlights;

1) 24/7 access to your support cases

You can now raise support cases at any point of the day (or night).  That means no more waiting for our Support Services office hours, you can log your issue when you first come across it and don’t have to remember to do it the next day. Being able to check on the progress of tickets raised at any time of the day means you’re always in the loop as to exactly what is happening with your case.

2) Quick and convenient

You can take control of your technical support issues by assessing our new “Knowledge Base”.  Here you can intuitively search hundreds of easy to follow, relevant support articles created by our Support Services team to narrow down quick answers to common issues. Of course, we’re always here to answer support queries, but having all these new resources means often you can find instant answers and just get on with your day.

3) Everything you need in one place

Solved that issue and now need quick access your online products or services?  For easy access, the Hub takes you straight to our SaaS products and Electronic Updates portal. There’s also a brand new Customer Information page which provides a convenient summary of the details you need about your relationship with us, such as licence renewal information and the facility to update your details.

Try it for yourself

I love it because it’s all geared towards making our customers’ lives easier.  So if you’re a customer, why not join the hundreds who are already taking advantage of Hub’s benefits?  Log on with your email address and check it out for yourself.

Customer Support Hub

If you haven’t been set up on the Hub yet give us a quick call on 0207 498 7788 and we’ll set you up.


[1] 2015 Aspect Consumer Experience Survey – http://www.bizreport.com/2015/04/report-poor-customer-service-pushes-consumers-away.html