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Applying the 5S of Data Quality Management

If you’re a Kaizen, Lean or Six Sigma practitioner then chances are you’ve already come across the “5S” technique. There are various permutations but essentially it involves...

Blog - Sep 2013
Data integrity can lead to improvements across the business

Although accurately capturing data first time is important, it must be cleaned and maintained to retain its value. Preserving the integrity of data can help organisations to keep customers, enhance...

Blog - Sep 2013
How to Deliver a More Agile Data Migration

Moving away from the standard Waterfall model Data Migration projects have traditionally adhered to the standard Waterfall model of project delivery. Whilst some practitioners may argue that their...

Blog - Aug 2013
How to Avoid 3 Common Data Migration Leadership Pitfalls

Are you a data migration leader? If you are you’ll know only too well that your path to victory can be fraught with danger. You sometimes feel that Bilbo Baggins had it easy when compared to...

Blog - Feb 2013
Data Governance Mission Statement

Businesses running data governance programmes have more chance of success if they have a mission statement in place helping to guide their strategy. This is according to Andy Hayler, Founder of...

Blog - Mar 2012