We celebrate “a better today” at London Pride

“Unity is strength when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved” Mattie Stepanek

At Experian we firmly believe that we can make a difference to society and our communities by helping people to make the most of their data to “create a better tomorrow”. For us, being committed to this vision also means playing a role in celebrating and supporting diversity – and that’s just as important inside our business as out.

Proud of taking part in Pride

So I was delighted to be part of Experian’s appearance at London Pride. Along with over 300 other companies, charities and community groups, we proudly marched in support of LGBT+ awareness, rights and to show that in London “Love Happens Here.” This is the first time, globally, that Experian has publicly taken to the streets to show our support for this social issue. To say that we were all very excited about it would be an understatement – we were ecstatic!

If you’re not familiar with Pride, it’s an annual event which takes place in cities across the globe, but the London Pride Parade is an especially long-standing tradition dating all the way back to the 1970s. The first marches started with only 150 men walking through Highbury Fields in North London. Two years later the event has grown to approximately 2,000 participants and today the parade draws over one million attendees and more than 30,000 people marching.

“Experian: A better today”

On the morning Experian employees, family and friends from all over the UK met up on a small roof terrace of a pub in Central London. The LGBT+ flag was hung in a position of pride, alongside a large banner with the words “Experian: A better today” splashed colourfully across a white canvas. We donned pink, blue and purple #ExperianPride shirts as we mingled, networked and decorated each other with glitter and face paint. As we moved on to the main event there was such a great atmosphere of excitement, support and love – we were all here to celebrate our diversity as we marched through the streets of London.

Empowering our organisation to celebrate diversity

For me, this event was particularly significant because, far from being a corporate-driven initiative, it was championed by a group of like-minded Experian employees and is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how we intend to improve acceptance without exception for LGBT+ co-workers.  And it doesn’t stop there as we continue to support the diverse needs of our people such as improving maternity/paternity rights for new parents. The list of possibilities for how we plan to improve the working environment around this topic is vast and what’s great is that Experian understands the importance of empowering diversity – and is committed to supporting it at all levels. This is a company where your voice can be heard and actions will be taken to drive a better stronger, wiser, happier today and tomorrow.