Aug 2019 | Data Insights | Automotive Checks

Innovation in the automotive sector

In today’s competitive and volatile automotive market, you need the tools to be able to react quickly to market changes and operate in a profitable, risk assured manner, whilst ensuring positive outcomes for customers.

Together, Experian and Cazana give you access to cutting-edge real-time technology, so you can make confident and informed decisions to help maximise return as swiftly as possible.

Who are Cazana?

Cazana provide automotive insights for the future of vehicle ownership. Using big data and predictive analytics, Cazana analyses millions of automotive transactions daily to assess the real time value and risk associated with every vehicle on the road.

Our combined solutions

We understand that buying and selling vehicles can be a risky business and having reliable vehicle information will give you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions. That’s why together Experian and Cazana are bringing new capabilities and innovation to the automotive industry, to drive better customer experience and help your business grow.

Experian AutoCheck

Whether it be checking the finance of a vehicle or ensuring that it hasn’t been registered as written off, stolen, exported or scrapped – Experian AutoCheck will do all the work so that you can have the confidence to buy and sell vehicles that have an authentic history.

Specifically designed for automotive retailers, finance and insurance companies, AutoCheck  provides you with high quality comprehensive vehicle provenance and valuation information at the click of a button. Accessible anywhere with an internet connection, including mobile devices, the easy to use platform provides a simplistic way for you to get your hands on the data you need, meaning your team can concentrate on the service, not the admin.

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Cazana Companion

Now available to integrate with our AutoCheck platform, Cazana Companion uses big data from one of the biggest sources of vehicle classifieds to understand the current and future value of vehicles. This data driven technology allows us to produce a vehicle value that is truly indicative of its worth on the market today and in the future, helping you to make more profitable pricing decisions. Cazana Companion provides market insight on how long it will take to sell a vehicle and compare against other similar vehicles in the marketplace, helping you to effectively manage stock and make the right purchasing decisions.

Discover Cazana Companion

Whether it’s checking vehicles in the showroom or planning strategies in the boardroom, we have a range of data, analytics and software that can help.

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