May 2019 | Data Insights | Workforce Planning

Our world is built on data

It’s all around us, growing in power and influence every day. We work to turn that data into something meaningful. We gather, analyse, combine and process it to help people and organisations achieve their goals.

Powering HR decisions and recently shortlisted for two HRD awards in organisational strategy and HR innovation and HR innovation through technology, we aim to lead the way in HR innovation and insight; applying data and analytics to address common HR challenges. In doing this we deliver successful results for ourselves and our clients, who we empower to take control and use HR insight with confidence.

We already work closely with HR on-boarding and governance teams to help them place the right people in the right roles, but the role of HR is changing, and taking a lead in shaping strategy and culture present both challenges and opportunities for the future.

We’re in a global war for talent and so for your organisation to stay ahead of competitors, you need to look at new ways you can win in the marketplace. This is where HR can deliver real added value by becoming the driving force behind your company’s evolution; offering talent and organisational capability that gives a unique advantage to win customers and contribute to business growth.

Helping you in shaping the future workplace

You need the relevant insight to bring this value to the business, but with 76% of key business decision-makers not being confident in their ability to read, work with, analyse or argue with data¹, and 87% or organisations having low analytics maturity², the desire to use data in a meaningful way can be a big challenge for many. This also means the demand for tech talent is already an added challenge in both the immediate and longer term.

Experian champions a single customer view and the innovative use of data and technology to empower our customers to deal with business challenges – HR challenges should be no exception.

Having a one-dimensional view of your employee base does not give you the robust single source of truth you need to help you and your business partners make better decisions in shaping the future of your workplace. To help solve this, we’ve developed a predictive workforce analytics solution, which can help drive better workforce decisions and really transform the role of HR in shaping the future workplace.

We’re proud to be able to work with other organisations in using the same innovative solution to help shape your own future HR strategies and high performing workforce.

Speak to our HR specialists about how our predictive workforce analytics solution can help you drive better HR decisions.

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The role of HR is changing and business leaders are seeing the value of many programmes going beyond HR as they become closer aligned to business strategies. Read our case study on safeguarding talent and saving c.$14m with predictive workforce analytics.