Act now, to ensure you can thrive whilst protecting the welfare of players

The regulatory and industry landscape is continually evolving, and gaming companies must be agile in their approach to adapt to new measures while prioritising player protection. By embracing data, fostering readiness, and partnering with trusted experts, gaming companies can lead the way in responsible gambling and customer-centric experiences.

The Government’s 2023 Whitepaper set out the changes necessary to transition Gaming to a customer-first approach. It has never been more important to understand who your customers are and protect them from the potential harm of binge gambling.

With the ICO’s confirmation that credit bureau data can be used to better understand customers’ financial situation, it’s more possible that ever to put the guardrails in pace to protect both your customers and your organisation from losses.

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In this guide we cover:

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  • Being ready for market changes

    Getting an accurate view of customers, learning from other industry benchmarks, and preparing for regulatory needs.

  • Getting a Single Customer View

    Using data sources to help you identify duplicate customers and reduce risk of financial stress.

  • What does an Enhanced Player Protection Check look like?

    And what are the three main reason it might be needed?

A sneak peek into:

Personalise, protect and play: Optimising the gaming experience to keep players safe

Section 1: What’s happening in the market?

The gaming market has changed

44% of UK adults enjoy some form of wagered gaming, such as playing the National Lottery, betting, or online games such as bingo and poker, delivered by operators across a span of channels including mobile and online.

Research shows that the number of people gambling online is the same as in-person players for the first time. Just five years ago, there were half as many online players as in-person participants.

Online gameplay has made betting more fun and convenient for a wide range of players, who get to enjoy safe wagered play and the social aspect of games like bingo in their own homes. Many willingly share data which companies use to offer a more personalised experience, such as game recommendations or special in-play offers.

Online and mobile gaming has introduced new challenges to the sector too. Supply chains have become more complex, with everything from data protection and management to authentication and detection of fraud to consider.

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Protecting players has never been more important

Easier access to gaming brings a greater risk of problem play, which is something today’s consumers are much more aware of. In 2020, 47% of UK players reported being aware of measures to help those who exceed their limits, such as self-exclusion. The figure was 12% higher than reported in 2015, showing that consumers are more aware of measures they can take to stay in control. However, public perception has declined over the last decade, with just 29% of people believing gambling is fair and can be trusted and 73% viewing it as “dangerous for family life”.

But with an estimated 2.2 million at-risk or problem gamers in the UK, or around 4.5% of players, you need to work continually to prevent customers crossing the line from fun to addiction and financial distress.

Protecting at-risk or problem gamers in the online world also requires a different approach, with the need for more stringent identity verification and more frequent player monitoring to prevent gamers exceeding safe limits across multiple accounts.

Still, 68% of people believe everyone should have the right to gamble how they want – leaving operators and regulators to find the balance between their duty of care to identify and protect vulnerable customers.

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