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Sep 2022 | Data Insights

We are the only partner you need

Want faster, more accurate and insight-driven customer decisions? We can help you improve operational efficiency, increase profitability, and reduce risk. Enabling you to make accurate, consistent and insight-driven decisions, Experian is a proven partner with unmatched experience in customer decisioning.

We’re custodians of data for over 1.3 billion people. We support consumers and businesses. And have a diverse range of clients. Big and small. Around the world.

Our decisioning solutions offer all the benefits of cloud whilst bringing together Experian’s advanced analytics and software capabilities alongside industry-leading data assets. Our capabilities focus on four key stages of the customer lifecycle.

Pre-qualification: Improve acceptance rates and deliver better outcomes for customers
Originations: Customer acquisition solutions to help you make accurate, automated decisions in realtime to onboard the right customers
Customer management: Maintain an accurate view of all customers, assess changing circumstances, target new products, enhance the customer experience and retain more valuable customers
Collections: Personalise the collections process, effectively recovering debt whilst preserving long-term customer relationships

No coding…and with drag and drop functionality for new data integrations, we can take end-to-end decisions beyond data to support across all of your business needs.

Want faster, more accurate and insight-driven customer decisions? Partner with Experian for decisioning software.

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