A woman online shopping on her tablet.
Nov 2021 | Data Quality

An eCommerce platform isn’t a universe of transactions and exchanges

It’s not monotonous or unemotional – it should be an easy-to-navigate system that you have an opportunity to deliver customer service at the point of purchase.

What determines a high or low checkout basket abandonment rate?

Shopping basket/cart abandonment is an important measurement for eCommerce success, but it is estimated that about two-thirds of all baskets are abandoned after a product has been placed to a customer – this can be down various number of factors including:

  • Surprise of availability
  • Cost
  • Delivery times

By carefully designing your checkout processes with real-time data capture validation, you can benefit from the growth by speeding up transactions and reducing unnecessary correction fees like shipping charges.

Download this whitepaper of 11 best practices for an easy-to-use and optimised checkout process.