Donor data is the basis for successful fundraising

You need to be aware of the donor data elements that are most likely to have an impact on your fundraising activities.

Building trusting relationships with your supporters is essential, and a data quality programme is essential to keep data clean and manage donors effectively.

To evaluate your donor data in order to use it to its fullest potential, you must understand how to prepare it, what data to collect, and how it allows you to:

Understand your donors
Build a better relationship with your supporters
Boost your retention rates and revenue

We found that:


of Charities see digital fundraising as a priority


Charities are still struggling with developing the skills to use, manage and analyse data


of Charities consider using data and insights more effectively to improve services and operations as a priority

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How can we help?

Our contact data validation solutions enable you to capture and maintain accurate addresses, emails and mobile phone numbers for your donors and volunteers at the point of entry or post-collection.

Combined with a broad range of enrichment opportunities, you will have the ability to gain insight to inform your fundraising and marketing strategies, which enables you to communicate with donors more effectively. Validate, cleanse and enrich your data with a trusted partner, Experian, so you can harness it more effectively for your charity.

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