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According to Experian’s latest research, 97% of organisations have plans to make their data quality management programme more agile in the next 12 months

And most companies don’t want to deal with multiple suppliers – they want a one-stop shop to meet all their data needs.
Companies like you that have invested heavily in enterprise applications. From Head of CRM, Sales Manager to Marketing Managers, Salesforce applications positively impact various parts of the business:

  • Salesforce Lightning is an easy-to-use CRM platform
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud is your eCommerce go-to
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud is your automated marketing platform

(Experian data validation for Salesforce Marketing Cloud will be available for customers in the UK soon.)

Yet, with contact data entering your Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud (Lightning or Classic) from multiple channels, maintaining the integrity of data in the system can be an ongoing challenge. Bad contact data creates unnecessary operational costs, impacts sales and marketing performance, and hinders your ability to derive intelligent insights. It can also lessen your ability to seamlessly onboard new customers – that one bite of the cherry you may never get again in this increasingly digital world.

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Caritas Australia maximises fundraising and donor engagement using Experian’s data validation solution

When the Covid-19 pandemic began, Caritas Australia needed to transform their approach to donor engagement and fundraising. Many of the traditional community donation channels were suddenly closed due to stay-at-home requirements, making contact data and their website more important than ever. With valid and complete contact data for donors to hand, their Fundraising team were well prepared to make the pivotal shift and focus on direct marketing. This activity included shipping postal donation packs as well as digital tactics such as email and SMS campaigns.

The core technology is data—trusted data that needs to be used for analysis, reporting, segmentation, customer outreach, and more. Since 2018, Caritas Australia has used Experian’s real-time data validation solutions for addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers within their Salesforce CRM and eCommerce website. It’s important for Caritas Australia to have comprehensive data quality checks in place across the various platforms where contact data is captured. This included the Salesforce CRM, marketing preference centre and donation website.

“Accurate contact data is essential for our community fundraising efforts. Fixing data is an ever-ending task but Experian had the solutions to do this for us, validating the data we already had in the system and making sure that all new data is also validated. By doing that it allows us to save time and money.”

– Viviane Piccinini, Direct Marketing Fundraising Manager at Caritas Australia Caritas Australia Caritas Australia maximises fundraising and donor

Learn how Caritas Australia increased donations from direct marketing appeals by 76%

Read the full case study

Here are the top 5 benefits of improving Salesforce CRM data quality:

  1. Protect the integrity of CRM and contact data – Inaccurate, false, or harmful addresses, emails, and phone numbers should not be stored or used within Salesforce—otherwise, the consequences of such bad data will hinder the success of larger business initiatives. Maintaining accuracy of data mitigates compliance violations with data standards and eliminates the risk of human error in data entry.
  2. Maximise employee and customer satisfaction – Contact data is essential to maintain strong relationships with customers. Poor contact data can hinder customer communication, which weakens employees’ trust in your CRM system and have a negative impact on customers.
  3. Recognise immediate Return on Investment (ROI) – Deploy the certified solution directly from Salesforce AppExchange in less than 30 minutes with default configurations and no coding required. Once deployed, the solution immediately improves the quality of the contact data being captured and maximises the ROI of your CRM system.
  4. Increase marketing accuracy – With accurate customer email data, users can reach customers more confidently, and their campaigns and messages will reach the right person at the right place promptly, improving overall marketing performance.
  5. Reduce operational costs – Leveraging validations to capture accurate contact data, like email, address, and phone improves operational efficiency (with less time and money for correcting errors) as the risk of bounced emails, calls, returned mail is minimised.

Experian data validation for Salesforce

We stop bad data getting in your Salesforce forms so that the data enters your CRM database or marketing system is accurate at the point of data entry first time and every time. We can also improve historical data that resides in your systems. So that you’ll have the utmost confidence in the data that you and your team are capturing and using. Beyond validation on global addresses, phone numbers and email, our accredited solutions features an easy approach to automatically enrich your data with Experian data sets – helping you to better segment and understand your customers.

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