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Jun 2018 | Data Quality
By Posted by Mike Kilander

This week sees the launch of Experian’s brand new data management platform, Aperture Data Studio

It’s a platform that we’re all incredibly excited about. It brings together our expertise in data quality with the power of Experian data, to help our customers solve a wide range of business problems. Importantly, targeting the needs of the business user, Aperture was built around the principles of ease of use and simplicity of implementation. For our users, the ability to drive results in days rather than months is the critical element that separates Aperture from the rest.

What is Aperture Data Studio

I think the best way is to see it in action – here’s a short video:

Designed for the data practitioner, Aperture Data Studio combines self-service data management with globally curated data sets. This empowers modern data practitioners to build the most consistent, accurate and holistic views of consumer data available and ultimately drive the best business outcomes.

Standing out from the crowd

We built Data Studio to meet today’s data management challenges so here’s my take on the highlights:

1) It’s for practitioners, not techies

Things have moved on in data management. Practitioners these days need to take control of their data – waiting for IT isn’t an option. Data Studio does that. It’s intuitive and easy to use with features such as drag and drop workflow elements that give immediate results as well as sophisticated consumer data validations.

2) Data Studio deploys in days

Getting up and running with Experian Aperture is fast and doesn’t require development. After just a single day of training, one of our early adopter customers was building his own workflows to profile, cleanse and improve their marketing database – a major asset for their business.

3) One single platform

You can keep all your data management requirements in one place. By that I mean out of the box profiling, cleansing, validation, transformation, enrichment and de-dupe, as well as having a platform from which to embed scripting and predictive tools, build your own data manipulations whilst working with existing technology and data sources.

4) The most relevant use cases

Data Studio ticks the boxes for today’s most in-demand use cases. The built-in functionality as well as a particular strength in dealing with consumer data, make it a very good fit for operational data quality, Single Customer View, governance and regulation and data migrations.

5) The power of global data

When it comes to consumer data, Experian’s heritage is renowned. That means Aperture Data Studio users benefit not only from its data management features but also gain immediate access to a wealth of Experian’s data to enhance and validate. This is a powerful combination when it comes to improving communications, analytics and reducing risk.

I’m pleased to say that we’ve had some great feedback so far. One example is analyst Philip Howard of Bloor, who recognised Aperture’s strengths in his recent report where he commented that:

Experian is to be applauded for biting the bullet and developing a product suitable for the third decade of this century”

We think Aperture Data Studio brings something different to the data management space. There’s a wealth of resources on our website or, if you’d like to cut to the chase, please contact us to discuss how this platform could help to meet your specific challenges.


Exceed your data ambitions with Experian Aperture Data Studio