Jan 2019 | Data Quality | Data Management

Leeds City Council is responsible for providing all statutory local authority services in Leeds. This includes education, housing, planning, transport and highways, social services, libraries, leisure and recreation, waste collection, waste disposal, environmental health and revenue collection.

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Leeds City Council needed to separate their adults and children’s social care casework data, which for the past 10 years had been held on one shared system. The challenge lay in moving this successfully on to two new management systems, one for adults and one for children. The Council faced further complications due to the complexity of the information. Experian Pandora was recommended as the technology partner to support this initiative.


Impressed with the recommendation and demonstration provided by Experian’s consultants, the project team implemented Experian Pandora to manage the data quality tasks involved with the migration. Experian Pandora enabled the migration team to analyse and transform data from its source system into the required format for the target system.


With Experian Pandora in place to support the data migration, Leeds City Council has seen an array of benefits. They have reduced the amount of resource effort required from both IT and the business. They have even identified issues with the data that the project team would not necessarily have checked for e.g. an integer in a forename field or a postcode in a city field.

Having two distinct systems in place gives greater control to the Children and Adult Services. Access to a single source of good quality data means that they are empowered to work more efficiently and divert important resources to delivering the best outcomes for the community they serve.

“What has particularly struck me is how easy Experian Pandora is to use. The software has been used exclusively by the data migration project team; none of whom had any previous experience of it…”
Project Manager – Leeds City Council