Mar 2012 | Data Quality

Businesses running data governance programmes have more chance of success if they have a mission statement in place helping to guide their strategy.

This is according to Andy Hayler, Founder of research company The Information Difference, who told the CIO website that recent research has discovered 55 per cent of the organisations questioned have a written statement laying out the objectives of their data governance work.

It also found businesses that thought their projects were working well generally had a clear and documented process in place for resolving any disputes about their records.

Mr Hayler said companies planning their own data governance procedures should look to follow these steps, as well as putting policies in place to control access to corporate information.

Last month, a survey by Deloitte found 11 per cent of the executives questioned described their governance programmes as “non-existent”, with 37 per cent stating their company does not take a consistent approach to mining, reporting and analysing risk data.