Mar 2019 | Data Quality

We recognise that for police forces, having clean, accurate data is a critical requirement for delivering the best possible service to the community. The very nature of collecting data in challenging circumstances can make managing your data and its quality a complex task, particularly when it impacts your ability to get a holistic view. Experian offers a range of solutions to manage the differing data management and quality requirements of forces across the UK.

Download this brochure to explore how police forces can use data management technology to clean, standardise and remove duplicate data and how this can offer significant benefits including better opportunities to serve the community, clearer insight, more accurate MoPI response and financial savings. Also included is a case study on how Cleveland Police built their award-winning “golden nominal” and saved ten years’ worth of work to support positive policing.


Download The Brochure


Find out how we helped Cleveland Police reduce new duplicate records by 100,000 per year.