Data quality remains a pressing issue for many organisations

We have once again been ranked as a top data quality vendor in The Information Difference Data Quality Landscape Q1 20231. We are the data quality tool of choice for data practitioners and data-driven business leaders across the globe.

Data quality is a foundational principle for modern business, and for many it remains both a priority and a challenge to achieve. Our own research continues to reflect that the proportion of inaccurate data within business ecosystems remains consistent, and many organisations think about data quality as a reactive process. Unfortunately, if data is only fixed after it has entered a system, it can be too late and downstream negative impacts could already be taking place.

While data quality issues are not new, the pain of inaccurate data is being felt more acutely as organisations look to leverage new technology advances such as machine learning and AI. These are dependent on large volumes of accurate data to ensure businesses can actually receive the benefit from these investments.

We are seeing more than ever organisations look to invest in data quality and take a more proactive approach. This allows them to ensure ROI on business intelligence and automation investments.

Many organisations are looking to new technology to help assist in these processes. Given the volume and complexity of data, robust data quality software solutions with automated features are the best way to ensure the accuracy of data.

In today’s digital-forward world, we are committed to providing users with reliable and comprehensive data insights via validation and management tools. Our easy-to-use solutions are designed to help any organisation or user improve the quality of data, regardless of background and technical expertise.

We were recently recognised as a top data quality vendor in the latest Data Quality Landscape from The Information Difference2. Each year, the firm reviews the players in the space and how their technology and market strength are evolving against new market demands and trends. In addition, The Information Difference revealed that our clients were the happiest clients of all the vendors surveyed. We are committed to a positive customer experience that empowers our customers to quickly implement solutions and realise value.

Many organisations are focused on automated decisioning and business intelligence, but those efforts are only as good as the data behind them. Organisations need accurate, trusted data more than ever. Our data quality solutions allow clients to build confidence in their data assets and take advantage of new and innovative technologies.

Erin Haselkorn, Director of Analyst Relations, Experian

Customer experience remains a top priority for businesses, and is a key reason why organisations are focused on digital acceleration, data agility, and collecting the most reliable consumer data. Our global research with data professionals finds that 85 percent of businesses indicate that poor quality contact data for customers negatively impacts their operational processes and efficiency. We empower customers to better understand their data assets and transform their business.

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Bringing your records into line is essential for every process from marketing to compliance. At the same time, enriching your data can be the route to new opportunities – as well as helping paint your organisation in a more professional light.

We can help your business lay the foundation for success by offering data quality solutions that increase confidence in your data quality.

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