Learn how Yodel increased first-time delivery rate

Overview: Learn how Yodel increased first-time delivery rates

Yodel increased first-time delivery rates to reach the right front door by 5%

Yodel is one of the UK’s largest courier companies that delivers over 190 million parcels nationwide each year.

Yodel has experienced unprecedented growth in demand during the Covid-19 pandemic when the need for contactless delivery became critical.

Find out how Yodel increased first-time delivery rates by 5% using Experian address validation technology powered by location data.

Challenge overview

Ensuring that Yodel can deliver millions of parcels every week is essential.

To achieve this, Yodel needs to reduce the time taken to deliver parcels, streamline route planning across their delivery network and eliminate any other barriers to successful delivery.

Having valid and complete addresses, combined with precise location insight, was deemed essential to accurately pinpoint delivery and collection points and ensure drivers can easily reach the right front door, first time and every time.

  • Increase profitability
  • Increase delivery capacity through their sorting centres and last-mile network
  • Ensure drivers easily reach the right front door, first time and every time
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Company Bio:

With more than 50 distribution sites nationwide, Yodel is one of the UK’s largest courier companies that delivers parcels to every postcode in the UK.

They deliver over 190 million parcels every year, a number that continues to rise, as they partner with a growing list of well-known online and highstreet retailers such as MissGuided, FootAsylum, and The Very Group.

Industry: Logistics & supply chain
Number of sites: More than 50 nationwide
Number of employees: 12,000
We needed a partner that truly understands our business, who we could work closely with, and has the tools to handle the high volumes of data that we are processing. Experian continues to be that partner for us.
Ashraf Adil, Director of DevOps

Solution overview

Yodel is a long-standing partner with Experian, having entrusted us to manage their address data quality for many years. The decision was made to leverage our flagship location dataset to help meet their business objectives and deliver a better customer experience.

The company utilises Experian’s address validation and cleansing solutions powered by Royal Mail’s UK postal data and Experian’s Location Complete dataset. The solutions enabled Yodel to introduce comprehensive data quality checks and remediations across the various channels where they capture postal addresses.

First-time delivery rates have increased by 5% which is the equivalent of 300,000 additional parcels reaching their intended destination every year.
Find out how address validation could help your business
  • First-time delivery rates increased by 5%
  • Further streamlining of route planning and delivery processes
  • Reduction in operational inefficiencies
Learn how Yodel increased first-time delivery rates

Enabling Yodel to reach the right front door, first time and every time

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