Optima Site Solutions boosts employee productivity

Overview: Optima Site Solutions boosts employee productivity and candidate engagement

Optima Site Solutions used Experian data to boost employee productivity and candidate engagement

Market leaders in UK construction recruitment, Optima Site Solutions prides itself on going the extra mile to find the best contracts and provides invaluable support to enhance candidates’ employability.

Learn how Optima Site Solutions instantly identified and subsequently removed uncontactable candidates from the CRM system following our data cleanse.

Challenge overview

Optima Site Solutions CRM system is the lifeblood of the company, holding over 165,000 candidate records which are used daily by its team of recruiters.

As the UK construction industry has experienced a loss of EU labour due to Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic, the recruitment agency partnered with us to boost its data integrity.

  • High non-contact rate due to out-of-date data
  • Recruiters trying to contact candidates without a valid number, delaying recruitment process
  • Agency were charged even when mobile numbers were dead, resulting in costly communications
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Company Bio:

Optima Site Solutions provides quality of service to clients that are second to none in the marketplace and the treatment of candidates is also a top priority. As a highly established recruitment agency serving the construction sector, Optima Site Solutions supplies thousands of contractors to hundreds of clients in any given year.

Established: 2002
Industry: Construction Recruitment
Number of employees: 30+
The data cleanse was a quick and easy process overall and we will look to do this again. The team at Experian understood exactly what we needed, met the tight project deadline and provided really useful insights into the quality of our data as part of the service.
James Cranston, Operations Manager at Optima Site Solutions

Solution overview

Optima Site Solutions approached us regarding a data cleanse for its candidate records, which was managed by our Professional Services team.

The objective was to identify and exclude candidates that were not contactable via email and/or phone, protect its email sender reputation and enable cost savings on communications. The cleanse would also give the agency an up-to-date view of the size of its candidate pool.

65,000+ uncontactable candidates were instantly identified and subsequently removed from the CRM system.

Experian's data cleanse helped UK construction recruitment agency, Optima Site Solutions, refine their candidate data resulting in cost and time savings.
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  • Reduced SMS costs- the volume of messages sent has dramatically decreased with instant cost savings
  • Improved sender reputation- helped the company's sender reputation and lower bounce rate
  • Increased staff productivity- recruiters have greater confidence in the contact information they use
Optima Site Solutions boosts employee productivity and candidate engagement

Learn how Experian helped refine Optima Site Solutions candidate data

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