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Aug 2022 | Data Quality

Public sector organisations have had to navigate an unprecedented time of health, regulations and shifting citizen expectations.

Experian’s 2022 Annual Global Data Management Research report shows that 94% of respondents believe there has been a greater dependence on the quality, accuracy, and immediacy of data during the pandemic. But this may have come at the expense of Data Inflation: duplication and multiple copies of items including Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data can create issues of data governance that result in citizen detriment and poor service.

Hear insights in our on-demand webinar, from two of Experian’s Data Quality experts in this field: Steve Farr, VP of Solutions & Markets and Rod Gordon, Account Director and Team Lead for Data Management.

What you’ll hear:

They’ll explore how data inflation impacts on and creates uncertainty for the UK public sector, and how focusing on data quality, agility and management can:

  • Enhance any pubic sector organisation’ digital capabilities
  • Improve services for citizens
  • Positively impact budgets