How automated software helps make fairer, quicker customer decisions

On an average working day businesses need to make numerous decisions about their customers and prospects – and if they want to make those decisions quickly, and in anything other than a tiny volume, then software will be needed.

In the past, a customer decision – like whether or not to extend a line of credit – could be a slow process based on just a single data point. It might take days, even weeks.

Today, the situation is doubly difficult for businesses. Not only do customers expect decisions instantly; organisations like banks, insurance providers, or car suppliers now also have many more data sources on which to base their decisions.

In our rapidly advancing digital economy, the challenge is for organisations to make the right decisions and do that in a timely and efficient manner. This is where software comes in. Automated decision-making enables organisations to apply a common set of rules to each of the various customer-decisions it has to make.

Not only does this common standard ensure the business treats each individual fairly, it ensures consistency and efficiency in service – and, when changes to the service delivery or rules system have to be made, these changes can be implemented with a minimum of fuss and in short time”.