Experian UK Credit Risk Summit: Key takeaways

ExperExpert_imageian ran its first Credit Risk Summit in the autumn of 2008. It’s fair to say that our industry has been on an incredible journey since then.

There was still a great deal of uncertainty when we came together a year ago, albeit counterpointed by a huge amount of activity from creditors looking for growth, and lots of interest in data and analytics to underpin it.

The consensus at our most recent Summit in October was that it has become increasingly important for the financial services and wider credit community, as well as the ecosystem that supports it, to better connect with customers.

Connecting with customers is all about improving understanding, and putting them at the centre of our businesses. This is vital to build products that people want to use, to demonstrate that we understand our end users and have their best interests at heart.

This edition of Experian’s Futureproof newsletter is dedicated to connecting with customers. It touches on themes discussed at the Summit, including the potential for ‘big data’ to inform key credit and customer decisions.

It seems at times as though the only thing changing as quickly as the data landscape is the customer. Their behaviour is becoming ever more complex.

Experian continues to invest heavily in new data sources, as well as tools to blend and interrogate them, in order to improve our understanding of your customers. This insight is helping lenders to join the dots, the crucial first step in our shared mission to delight customers at every stage possible.

FutureProof-ThumbnailView our interactive guide to get the key takeaways from the Credit Risk Summit 2013 – download here.