How to cope with declining credit quality

The COVID-19 outbreak hit credit applications hard. From the point of the UK lockdown, we saw an initial huge fall in new business, alongside increasing risk among prospective and existing customers. So, as a lender, what strategies can you implement, and what support can you access, to protect your business – and your customers?

These are hugely challenging times. At Experian, our teams work with firms’ across a whole range of sectors and, as the pandemic unfolds, clear trends are emerging – impacting different organisations in the same substantial ways. We’re dedicated to helping you navigate these new trends, manage the impact on their business and respond to customers’ changing needs. As ever, powerful data and the insight it offers are at the heart of making this happen.

In this guide we explore the emerging themes coming from the market, including the drivers of change. We examine what’s needed to manage risk effectively – across existing and new customers – and help you shape strategies that empower you to adapt, survive and thrive.


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Explored in this paper:

  • Understanding the landscape
  • Making credit decisions three dimensional
  • Portfolio, market and customer insights
  • Monitoring and consultancy
  • Create strategic marketing and communications, based on customer insight


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