Keeping you and your players safe

Experian’s Affordability solutions assure every player is treated as an individual, helping them meet their needs and goals by better understanding distinct personal circumstances through word-class data.

We can help you check player’s ability to afford to gamble and set individual gambling limits. With Covid-19 forcing people to spend more time at home and increasing the number of vulnerable customers this has never been more important.

Understanding affordability through data

Use bureau data to understand what is affordable to online players based on the data we hold on them.

Affordability for Gaming lets you streamline onboarding processes whilst ensuring the individual’s gaming limits are proportional to what they can afford. This data can be used, both when a customer signs-up and throughout their relationship with you, to check that the limits are correct on an on-going basis. We provide a number of key data points from our bureau to provide an holistic view of affordability at a person level.

With increasing regulation and more people becoming financially vulnerable, the need to have the right data, analytics and technology has never been greater.

Using our data and technology to authenticate, check affordability and easily manage data, we can help you understand players’ identities across multiple brands.

Keeping you and your players safe from the start and throughout your relationship together.

Keeping your gamers safe

Affordability IQ for Gaming is specifically designed to support gaming organisations understand what is affordable to online players, based on our knowledge of income and other data.

Online affordability checks provide a seamless process, continuously assessing player’s ability to spend throughout their journey.

To see how Experian can help your company to put the individual at the heart of your affordability decisions contact us at