The Power to Choose

We, as consumers, are empowered by having access to more information than ever before.

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As a result, we now have greater control in choosing which product or service will best fit our needs, and we can choose when, where and how we want to interact with the companies offering those solutions.

The consumer’s power to choose was explored this at this year’s Credit Risk Summit. Experian and industry experts gathered to discuss and advise on current credit trends, meeting customer expectations, and providing a seamless customer experience.


For organisations, deciding how to proceed in a rapidly evolving environment is complex. For many, being truly customer-centric and understanding what this entails remains top of the agenda – but given the range of possibilities available and the speed at which technology is advancing, this can simply remain an aspiration rather than a reality. Success involves re-thinking and investing in processes to work with the new equilibrium.

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to this year’s Credit Risk Summit – the feedback we’ve received is that it was hugely relevant and informative for you. As a reminder of the content – or to catch you up, if you missed out – our latest edition of FutureProof expands on the key presentations from the event.

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