Is Rent Payment Information Changing the Credit Landscape?

Cavan Doyle, Rental Exchange team – Experian


Following my recent article about the potential for rent payments to change the credit landscape, we’ve had some great feedback from key banking and financial services clients about the initiative.

The Rental Exchange makes vital information about rental payments available to lenders, so that you get added insight into affordability, through more complete credit scoring. By having the most comprehensive view of your customers’ financial situations, you have the best chance to lend responsibly and prevent fraud.

A leading financial services provider has told us:


A service that can provide us with rental information will make a tremendous difference for a significant portion of our customers

We agree that a substantial number of consumers could benefit, as the vast majority of rental payments are made on time1. This has been supported by our latest research, where we ran actual consumer rental records through our internal data and found great results – such as 62% of those with a ‘good’ credit rating moving to an ‘excellent’ credit rating following the addition of their rental data. You may find this particularly relevant when you don’t quite have enough information on a customer to make a lending decision, in cases where you might normally turn to your underwriters to assist. Through our web-based solutions, such as e-Consumerview (ECV) and e-Bureau Data Review (EBDR), rental data can really make the difference when accepting a new customer.

Clients have told us that a major benefit of The Rental Exchange is helping you to treat customers fairly. By viewing rental payments in a similar way to mortgage payments, you can help level the playing field and grant even more consumers access to new and more affordable credit:

Anything that shows they have the ability to maintain a regular outgoing, only reflects positively on them

PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) has predicted the private rental sector will grow from 5.4m to 7.2m in the next 10 years2. With this growing rental market, the potential scope for rental payment information is huge, and it’s fantastic to be hearing such feedback from top organisations around the UK.

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1 Reviewing the Journey so Far, Experian’s analysis of c.162,000 tenants’ rental payment records showed that 72% had no significant arrears on their payment record.