Synergizing capabilities of EDA and EMS for Value Propositions

EDA: Experian Decision Analytics

EDA provides software, analytical tools such as scores and expert consulting to turn credit data into actionable decisions. EDA helps customers at all stages of the lending cycle e.g. identifying new customers; segmenting existing customers, managing loan portfolios and optimising collections. The clients vary from typically financial institutions, Telecommunications, Government and Utilities. Many are multinational and standardize their operations around the world on EDA platforms. EDA also helps organizations to protect themselves through the detection and prevention of fraud.

EMS: Experian Marketing Services

EMS helps organisations target and engage customers using sophisticated marketing strategies. The expertise is to help the clients to understand their customers, communicate with them on an individual level and measure the success of marketing initiatives. EMS owns unique data on consumer attributes such as demographic information, contact data and online data.EMS enables the clients to deliver targeted marketing messages through email, mobile and social media networks. The client network includes Retailers, financial services, media, automotive, telecommunications and others.

Synergizing strengths of both the businesses (EMS and EDA) will enable to create value propositions for the clients as well as for Experian as a global company.

Case Study: A reputed client of EMS has the following business model

B2B Model:

It has two dimensions

  • Email Newsletters: Email Newsletter is sent based on CITY deals to all the registered email addresses for that CITY. These news Letters are sent by Experian Cheetah Mail.
  • Online deals: These deals are open for all the registered users irrespective of the city they are registered in.
    • Pricing Model for B2B is based on Number of Deals sold and not on number of Deals sent to the registered Email users.
    • The model at present is NOT using any Interest preferences to select and segment the deals.

B2C Model is still in a nascent development stage. This will be a direct selling platform like other (Online Shops like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, EBay etc.) with a variation of including services etc. apart from products.

How can Experian MS andDA synergize to add value to the above business models?:

  • Experian MS (Cheetahmail and Analytics) and Experian DA will join hands to work together with additional support from Project Management and Global Consultant Practice.
  • Study the existing Data models and structure to propose an appropriate future Data mart structure, Data flow model to store and integrate data from different channels (Data from client, Cheetahmail, MOSAIC etc.) for effective Scoring analyses and extract the valuable info. to develop appropriate Business Strategies.
  • Data Analysis based on historical data to assess marketing and seasonal trends to promote the deals at the time to achieve highest expected sales.
  • Data segmentation to segregate Active and Dormant Users to plan a strategy to convert dormant users to active users.
  • Develop Scoring Models to assess the  probability of positioning the right set of deals to the most appropriate customer segments
    • based on the successful deals in the past for active users and
    • based on the interest preferences of the dormant users.
  • Monitoring the trends compared to the forecasts with the right set of reporting.
  • Develop a Business Model for test run that is robust, flexible, sustainable, scalable to higher volumes, profitable and is expandable to other countries with simplified maintenance.
  • B2C Model, here EMS and EDA can jointly support the client in building an appropriate Data Mart and Flow Model to capture the right data from the very beginning that will enable them slice and dice that data in future to make valuable decisions. Also to promote the same through their B2B Channel using the registered Email users.


  • Value addition to the client in developing a Business Model that can optimize their operations leading to higher returns in future.
  • Potential business revenue opportunities for EMS and EDA that can in future be exercised for other clients with similar requirements.
  • Setting an example to best synergize the expertise, experience and strength of different Experian businesses to add value to the Client
  • Great opportunity for Knowledge sharing among Experian businesses (MS Analytics team and Decision Analytics team)